My name is Katja and I am from Sweden. As a
therapist I counsel and coach clients to help them
achieve their goals, and create balance through
times of difficult emotional states.

My background includes four years of studies at
the University of Psychosynthesis in Stockholm to
become a therapist and a life coach. I have also
completed a one year course in Non Violent
Communication - communication, conflict management and mediation. I am also trained by
the Swedish Red Cross and Swedavia/LFV (Swedavia is a state-owned group that owns, operates and develops airports across Sweden) to help crisis supporters after working with disaster victims, so that they themselves are emotionally supported. I recently finished basic medical studies
and this autumn, 2013, I am finishing my studies to become a psychotherapist.

Over a period of several years, I have been to see John of God to heal my own condition. During these visits, I have stayed for long periods allowing me to get
to know the people that work there and to learn Portuguese. I speak several languages, and my groups have included people from Sweden, Denmark,
Finland, Norway, Europe and from the US. This allows me to serve my groups
in a full meaningful interaction.

I truly love being a part of this work, serving and assisting people during their
stay, and helping to see them through their healing process.

Please contact me at brazilhealing@live.se for more detailed information
about things you should know before your trip.

Said about Katja:

"Thanks for the email and for your continuing consideration and
kindness. I am so thankful that there are guides like you who
are willing to take on the difficult task of helping people to heal.
Thanks for everything! As you said yourself, I got exactly what I 
was supposed to get and you gave me the space I needed to my
journey inwards. I also know that I got help with the theoretical 
piece which also helped to calm a troubled soul. You are right 
that life is a mirror. You work is so blessed and I hope that you
will have the opportunity to meet and help many souls. I have
grown and have the (confidence/faith) that I will continue to do 
so the rest of my life."

Woman 46 years old

"I am so grateful that I went with Katja. With her big, warm heart
and her genuine way she helped me to confront my feelings and
to accept what surfaced so I could move on towards what I have 
always longed for."

Woman 28 years old

"Thank you Katja for your sensitivity and receptivity. I admire
how you in the most challenging situations act in a calm,
confident and assuring way, knowing that everything is in 
order. It takes an individual with great courage to face people
the way you do."

Woman 41 years old

"Your support and your commitment has been amazing to
receive on a trip like this."

Woman 52 years old

"I am really happy that we chose to go with you as a guide!
I would not want to replace you with anybody else! A small 
enough group where we all got seen, got space and even a
chance to deepen our process in personal conversations."

Man 54 years old and woman 49 years old

"Katja, we are so grateful that you were our guide in Abadania.
You took such good care of us during our whole stay and through
your loving manners and with your great understanding for people
we felt utterly secure and safe with you. We are very happy to
have had the pleasure of knowing you, you are amazing."

Anitha and Janne