If you were to stand in front of someone who can help you with
exactly what you need, what would you ask for then?

That question was addressed to me the first time I was at the
Casa de Dom Inacio where I would visit Medium Joâo, also known 
as John of God. 

Curiosity was my main motivation for going to this place, and
there was also a deep longing to get help with a serious ailment
which had impacted my health and well being for a long time.
I had attempted to get help for many years, had countless visits
with different physicians and practitioners, but without any

I didn’t know if I would receive any help with my ailment, but
discovered that I received  more help than I could ever have 

After many visits over the years to Medium Joâo, I was given
permission to bring groups to the Casa in order to give more
people the opportunity for the healing they need on the
physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

My journey continues, are you ready to start yours?

Abadiânia, October 2011